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* Exclusively Aussies since 1986 * 

Located in scenic Echo Bay Ont. Can.

8 hours north west of Toronto Ont. , 1/2 hour from the S.S.M. Michigan boarder

Breeder of # 5 Aussie in Canada for 2007

CH Highrails Beechnhurst On Tap , owned by Nancy Chapman


"As we age , we do not get better or worse , we just become more ourselves ."

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"Breaking NEWS"

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Nov 25 . Check out the December issue of Dogs In Canada !!! pages 24 - 29 you will find several photos of our dogs (and me) featured in the Winter Activities article !!

Nov 13 , We had a visit by Mr. Tast of Finland who is an international all breed judge . He was kind enough to evaluate my dogs and I was pleased to hear many many positive comments . It was especially nice to hear that he would like to take 3 of my crew to back home to Finland with him ....maybe some day that will happen ??? Time will tell .

Thanks so much Mr. Tast, I feel Like I received a Best in Show right in my back yard .....less the ribbon and points :>)))

Nov.9 FIRST SNOW of the season ....more than just frost on the pumpkin now :<( but the dogs LOVE it .

Nov 1 Belle ( Woody and Sage litter sister ) Makes the front page of National Post + Madame is in this months Dog In Canada magazine!!!!

Oct 17 , 18 .

At the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association trials Zoom & George took first place in all four of their agility classes, and won both High Scoring Aussie in Trials AND H.I.T.!

Zoom is "ATCH Highrails Lock And Load AAC-Gold,SCDC; CKC-Ag.I; NADAC- NAC,NGC,NJC"


HIGHRAIL Australian Shepherds are bred to the CKC and ASCA breed standard and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and ASCA as well as being eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club . HIGHRAIL Australian Shepherds ARE eligable to compete in all the recognized clubs and organizations .

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 Our address is

 Government Road

RR#1 Echo Bay ON

P0S 1C0

phone # 705-248-3274

email highrail@sympatico.ca

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   Seiko and 1/2 sister Sway  (Mark Raycroft photo)                     Bobby  (Photo by Brenda Aelick)                   Highrails Sierra ( owner Jo Ann Byron )

* Exclusively Aussies since 1986 * 

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ATCH Highrails Lock And Load(Zoom) ,Ag.I.            (Agility photos by Brenda)       Highrails Can't Be Persuaded ( Sway) ADC BDD 

 Brenda Aelick

 Government Road

RR#1 Echo Bay ON Canada P0S 1C0

Phone (705) 248-3274



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