1 What kind of fur does your dog have?

If you can easily comb the dog with a very fine comb then you have a dog with an easy coat. Does your dog have a coat or felt then it becomes a lot harder and you already need some more professional equipment. Does your dog suffer from tangles quickly? Then you also need a more professional hair clipper for which you can change the shaving heads.

2 What different hair clippers are there

Although the goal of every hair clipper is automatic hair cutting, there are huge differences. To start with, you have hair clippers with a cord and hair clippers on a battery. I also have trimmers and real dog hair clippers. But also cheap budget hair clippers and more expensive professional hair clippers. Hair clippers for which you can change the shaving heads so that you can use the correct shaving head for the type of coat.

3 A trimmer or hair clipper

  • A trimmer is a light machine with a fine shaving head that usually works on a battery but sometimes also with a cord. The shaving heads of a trimmer can usually not be replaced by another variant. A trimmer is suitable for toileting the ears, the head, etc.

Overall where the peak hairs can be shaved away.

  • A hair clipper is a larger machine with which you can shave the entire dog. The best dog hair clippers have a changing system for the razors so that you can go in all directions. For example, special coarse knives (skip tooth shaving heads) for thick coats. Or a trimming knife for toilet cleaning work. A hair clipper also has a stronger motor than a trimmer and can, therefore, shave the heavier coats better.

4 On battery or with cord

Trimmers and hair clippers are often supplied with a cord or with a battery. You can easily buy a trimmer on a battery. A trimmer does not have to do very heavy work and is usually only used for a short time. If you want to completely shave a dog with a battery clipper, you will soon be in the more expensive segment. Most brands also have a battery variant of their most popular dog clippers on a cord. Often these are once as expensive. You need several batteries if you want to shave a complete dog one after the other. Usually, the capacity is approximately one hour. But shaving a dog often takes a little longer. Our advice is to use a hair clipper if possible.

5 The best brands

There are many different brands of hair clippers, half of which are pure junk and the other half of professional quality. Andis, Oster, Aesculap, Heiniger, Moser, Wahl and Laube are top brands that have often been producing animal hair clippers for more than 40 years. All other brands, often own brands, are just pure junk. All mass production from China where clippers are assembled from gathered parts. Often it is cheap = expensive, no guarantees, parts or service. The famous brands have models for every need, so why let yourself be seduced by an action of the Lidl, Aldi or the Action.

6 Cheap is often expensive and annoying

The mass production from the far east ensures that we produce a large mountain of waste in the world. In China, few real factories make a complete product. One factory makes engines and the other a sprocket and another a knife. It is mainly the assembly companies that purchase the cheapest parts here and there and tinker together in the form of a hair clipper. Just don’t fall for it. A dog trimmer of fewer than two decades is not suitable for shaving a dog, at most a few peak hairs.

7 Choose the best service afterward

Where do you buy a car? Buy it at the car dealer or buy it at the supermarket on the corner. Who knows more about that car, the car salesman or the cashier at the supermarket. And where do you expect to be better able to deal with any problems afterward? Exactly at the dealer’s auto mechanic and not at the supermarket’s butcher. Also, think about this when you are going to buy a professional dog groomer. Buy this from the specialist who can tell you everything about it and will never saddle you up. Because this specialist also feels responsible for his product and his customer.

8 Different shaving heads for every type of coat and requirement

No dog is the same, not in appearance or behavior, but certainly not in the structure of the fur. And that is why it is wise to buy a hair clipper with the option of using different shaving heads. For example, a Labradoodle has a very thick coat. You don’t shave it with a very fine knife. It is therefore nice if you can put a coarser knife on it that combs easily through the fur.

9 What maintenance needs a hair clipper

Many hair clippers for dogs are reasonably low in maintenance. By that, we mean that you don’t have to do much with the motor. On the other hand, the razors do require the necessary attention. These are two metal parts that rub over each other at lightning speed. If the razors are not lubricated regularly, they quickly overheat and become blunt. Lubricating the blades every five minutes is therefore extremely important for preservation and shaving comfort. Grease the blades well after use to prevent rusting. Always keep the hair clipper in a dry place. Condensation in the case is disastrous for the machine.

10 Buy your hair clipper from a specialist.

A specialist understands it. Has an answer to all your questions and delivers a sublime service before, during and after the purchase.

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