When you purchase a puppy, you will find that he or she is full of energy. Physically exhausting a young dog is practically impossible. That is also because it is not good to take a long walk with a puppy. You can still make a puppy tired.

The game is an example of that. Through the game, the bond with your puppy gets better and he or she gets tired anyway. You can purchase puppy toys for the game. It is often softer in the material than for adult dogs. Small puppies can also use the toys of the older ones. You must ensure that they cannot swallow small parts. There are also exceptions for small young dogs. Some don’t like a game in the beginning. To achieve that, you have to make the game fun and attractive.

Generate interest

For the dogs that don’t like a game, you only have to take the toy if you start playing with it. To learn how to play you should not approach the puppy for a while. Then you take the toy and then you give the puppy all the attention. When you have played for a while, you have to put it out of sight at the height of the game. Also, you should not pay attention to the puppy. You can repeat this several times. If things don’t go the way you want, you can purchase toys that you can fill with cookies, for example. If he or she plays well, you can give a reward. In this way, you can generally get a puppy playing.

You must interest your pet in the game. It is also important that you always do something different with your pet. If your pet gets too rough and starts to bite your pants, you have to stop the game. When he or she is calm again, you can resume the game. For busy dogs, it is wise to adjust the toys accordingly. You can use longer ropes or perhaps larger hugs. Search games are also often fun for playing with your pet. Small children can also do that with the young pet. Pull games are wanted for your pet. You must also let your dog win at every game. Then he or she will certainly want to continue. For draft games, he or she must learn to understand the “loose” command. You can do that by holding the rope, but not pulling it. At a moment the toy or rope will be released and then you can give a reward by a dog cookie. Then pick up another toy. When he or she has to let go of the toy, repeat it. Then give the reward and after a short time repeat it with another toy.

When pulling young dogs you have to be careful not to pull too hard. The teeth are very fragile in the beginning. For the game with young dogs, those games are fun in which they can run after a moving object. The crazier the object moves, the more beloved it is during the game. A game is healthy because he or she will get a good condition. For the game, it is important to play responsibly. The dog must be healthy and stay healthy and not suffer any physical damage.

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