That, of course, does not apply to small children or a small puppy. The young dog still has to teach this to itself. Of course with the help of his owner. But what is the best way to do that? How do you learn how to climb a dog?

When do you start to practice walking your stairs with your puppy?

You have to know that every dog ​​is different and that it also matters what breed your puppy comes from. Do you have a small Chihuahua who probably has a lot more difficulty walking up and down the stairs than, for example, a Golden Retriever? By the way, a Chihuahua only learns to walk well on the stairs when it has almost reached adulthood or, in other words, when the animal is fully grown. For most dog breeds, you can already start practicing walking on the stairs with a puppy from the age of eight weeks. Start walking up first.

Walking down most dogs find the first time quite scary. You also don’t want your puppy to fall down the stairs with all the consequences that that entails. So first learn and practice walking up. Walking down the stairs will come at a later stage.

In which way can you teach your puppy or young dog to climb stairs?

It also sometimes happens that at a certain point your puppy will try it on its own or that the mother dog and his brothers or sisters from the same litter start doing it. The dog sees that and will follow the example. It is also very possible that the puppy will follow you when you walk up the stairs. If all this is not the case then you should encourage your little dear family friend a little. Do it and encourage the beast at every step the dog takes shows very clearly how proud you are of your four-legged friend. If the dog does not follow, walk away from the animal and look back and keep encouraging the puppy. If the young dog does not understand what is required of him, but the dog on the next step of the stairs and continue to encourage the animal very enthusiastically.

A treat also sometimes helps.

It is also quite possible that (even though you have already made some attempts with the dog) it will not work that way. Sometimes a tasty dog ​​biscuit or snack helps. Keep encouraging your puppy and try to get him or her to look over the edge. There is the treatment and you lay it down so that the puppy can only reach it if she climbs and stands on the next step. Meanwhile, stand by it and encourage the animal to look over the next edge where the next dog biscuit or snack for the dog is waiting.

Let an adult or other young counterpart set the example

There is another way that you can help your puppy practice and learn to climb stairs. That is because of an adult dog or another puppy who has already learned to give the example. Because the puppy sees its cousin climb the stairs, in most cases the young dog wants to follow the cousin very much.

Important points to remember when practicing climbing the stairs with your puppy

It’s really hard to practice and learning to climb the stairs is quite tiring for a puppy. That is why you must keep practicing this with the young dog for a few minutes each time.

Otherwise, you ask too much of the young animal and it gets overloaded or tired. It is also very important that someone is always there when the young dog starts practicing on the stairs. To prevent the animal from practicing on the stairs without anyone seeing it, it is important that you can close the stairs for the puppy. A stair gate is a good solution for that or puts something else in front of the stairwell so that the puppy cannot reach it. Perhaps the most important thing is that you continue to encourage the puppy.

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