You have to learn to obey it, learn how and where to do its toilet and above all learn to sleep through the night. This is one of the most important habits that you should teach your puppy so that it does not disturb you during your own night’s rest. It is quite challenging to teach this to your dog. Sometimes the puppy wants to continue playing and is not yet tired. This is because he has not yet included the routine in his new environment.

From what age will young dogs sleep through the night?

From the age of eight weeks, puppies must begin to record the rhythm of day and night and the sleep schedules of the people they live with. Twelve weeks is usually the age at which young dogs move from the breeder to their new owner. In the meantime, the animal will not have learned the habits of its new owners from the breeder.

Nutrition and water.

Your dog should have its last meal about three hours before sleep so that the food is digested on time and the dog can go to his toilet for a little longer if necessary. If your puppy gets his food too late, chances are that he will wake up at night to do the toilet. You should also encourage your puppy to drink a few hours before “bedtime” to avoid having to pee at night.

Allow enough time to do his toilet.

To be able to sleep through the night, the puppy should do his toilet shortly before bedtime. The puppy should gradually experience that this is his last chance to do so until the following morning. Over time, the dog will record that routine and associate the end of the day with the last chance to do his toilet.

A tired puppy gets sleepy!

If the young animal is still full of energy just before bedtime then this will be a problem to let him relax. It is advisable to keep your puppy active a few hours before with games and if possible a walk in the open air. Let him fully indulge and let him gradually calm down as time comes to rest. If the puppy is tired, he will be excited to be allowed to rest.

Provide an attractive place to sleep.

The sleeping place for your puppy must be attractive and generate positive associations in the mind of your dog. It must be warm and comfortable. In the beginning, the young animal will feel lonely but you can bypass this by possibly allowing your radio to play softly for a few hours. If your dog needs to be punished, never use his sleeping place as a punishment place. This would soon lead to stress because your pet would associate the order to sleep with a punishment.

No more crying!

It often happens that puppies cry during the first night because they cannot sleep without the feeling of their family in a warm nest. If the puppy starts to cry as soon as you put it down, stay close and use the “no” command if necessary. Do not reward the puppy when he stops crying or does not hand out sweets to comfort him, because soon he finds out how he gets a reward and the crying continues.

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