Brushing a dog

Many dogs like being brushed. They enjoy this because they get attention and they also like that their skin and skin are properly cleaned and therefore feels good. Of course, some dogs do not like this brushing. Some dogs find this very annoying, and may, therefore, experience problems while brushing. It is therefore also important to take action when your dog cannot be cleaned with a brush. Because various diseases can be incurred by not using the brush, it is important to quickly look for a good solution so that your dog can stay healthy.

More information about the problem

It is very important to find out why your animal does not like to be brushed. By finding out about the problem you can make various adjustments so that you know for sure that next time there will be no more problems.

An important reason why many animals do not like to be brushed is that you have had this too hard. Because of this, they have bad memories and they don’t want you to clean them again.

Also, it can happen that your animal used to have no problems with it, but now it does. You can also see this when the animal starts to do more annoying and angry. It is important to look carefully at the reaction after you have brushed, how does the animal react to this.

Finally, it is of course also possible that it simply does not work because your animal suffers from an injury or an allergy that makes it impossible.


A good solution is to purchase a new comb. Often the problem is therefore here. For example, the hairs of the comb may be just too sharp or too hard, so the pet will not like it when you use it. Also, it is important to know that often several of these brushes may be needed. Certainly, with a somewhat larger animal, it is important to ensure different brushes that can do their work all over the body for the different lengths and thicknesses of the skin. Finally, it is important to ensure that your animal gets used to the way you are combing and that your animal gets used to the different brushes that you use. This will make combing a lot easier, probably even without any problems.

Make it safe

Another good solution for this problem is to ensure that your animal is always properly secured while you use the brushes. Certainly at the moment that your animal growls then you know that this is probably the only and the best solution. But even when the animal decides to start a fight, using brushes and good protection is very important. Make your animal safe by attaching it to you with a few clicks. This can cause your animal to be stressed, so it is important to fasten it securely. After you have calmed him or her you can grab the brushes and start packing.

Another good way to ensure that combing can finally happen is by waiting for the moment to be relaxed and happy. If this is the case you can start combing gently. Do this until your animal starts to get irritated again and/or indicates that you no longer feel like it. So it is very important to ensure that the animal stays nice and happy and relaxed. For example, you must take the animal to a place where it feels safe. Just talk to your animal in a calm and safe tone, and start combing quietly. A good tactic here is by first rubbing the animal and its skin a few times with your hand so that habituation occurs. You can then, as it were, increase the pressure by using different brushes.

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