INTERACTIVE GAMES FOR DOGS: Do you know how to make him think and its benefits?

The way that our dogs grow healthy and happy is very simple: PLAY. They love it and it is very beneficial for them in many ways. But do you know interactive games for dogs? Look blog to know more.

Games are not just a hobby for our furry, but they have a lot of benefits. Like a good diet, go to the veterinarian periodically, etc., the game is essential for them to develop physically and psychologically.

Physical games and mental games

On the one hand, there are physical games, which help them develop their physical abilities, strengthen their joints and improve their motor skills. But there are also mind games or interactive games for dogs. These are more focused on strengthening their intellectual and social abilities, forcing them to think and develop their skills.

Interactive games for dogs are perfect as a plan for rainy days or for any other time when you can’t play sports or be in large outdoor areas. And these help them to spend energy, get tired, stay busy and concentrated while having a great time. Stimulate their intelligence is extremely positive for them and for you!

What should you know before starting interactive dog games?

  • First, be aware of the level of difficulty of each game and adjust them according to their age and their skills. This is important to avoid getting frustrated since what we want is to have fun!
  • Let them use their own strategy. It is important to know that in these games there is something that “is wrong or good” , even if they try to bite the objects, they are thinking about it. Little by little they will understand that they are not worth biting or breaking, but thinking.
  • Linked to the above: do not give clues. Yes, it is beneficial that he is ahead when you put the prizes, but once the game starts, stay out.
  • All under training. He conceives these exercises as another form of training and uses commands and commands to start. Try to learn to start only when you say so.

What types of interactive games are there?


Kong is a brand that was founded in 1976 and that today has become a benchmark in interactive games for dogs. Its products are focused on developing the mind and smell of our dogs. How? It consists of filling a toy with something appetizing and giving it to the dog so that it can be managed by removing it. Of course, there are a lot of varieties depending on the difficulty of age and circumstances of the hairy in question.


Inspired by the concept of KONG toys, many others have been developed around the same idea but with greater complexity. The goal again is to achieve the prize (usual food). But this time you will have to decipher the way to get hold of it through strategies that will require you to think: turn the object with the leg, pull a rope, open a lid, etc. Ideally, start with simple things and gradually increase the degree of complexity. Here are some ideas:

· Dog Activity Poker Box

The Dog Activity Poker Box game has four games in one, developing actions such as pulling, pushing, lifting or sliding the different elements. Each of the four levels of Poker Box represents a new challenge since each level must be opened differently to find the prize. The boxes can be arranged differently each time so that they are always new challenges for the furry.

Snuffle Mat or olfactory mat

These rugs work like real puzzles for our dogs. The prizes hide among the corners of the carpet, full of challenges for them. They will have to use their ingenuity and their smell to dig through the layers of the carpet and reach the desired prize.

And now: do it yourself!

· Box set (DIY)

If you are to do homemade things, this idea is very easy to do without buying anything. It consists of putting containers in the same cardboard box, which you will then close.

You will be putting the prizes in different places: in wrapped pieces of paper, in the hollow of empty toilet paper rolls, under other small boxes … all in the same place. If you manage to organize it well, it could be training for your dog for about 20 or 30 minutes, which will be great for him!

· Tray with balls (DIY)

Another of the interactive games for dogs is the bowl and cupcake game. This simply consists of leaving several prizes in the mold cup holes and then covering them with tennis balls (objects can obviously vary). The idea is to change the prizes as you get it, in order to test your nose.

· Bottle set (DIY)

Although this game can also be purchased at several dog accessories stores, you can always do it yourself with some basic DIY notions. It consists of putting the prizes inside several plastic bottles and hanging them on a wooden plank. The dog will have to decipher that it is necessary to spin the bottles so that the price falls, which will make him think and stay focused.

Have you made your dog think like that before? Do you know anything more?

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