There are many types of dog collars. They may differ in material from which they are made, purpose, and size. In order for the collar to perform its functions correctly, you should take into account all the nuances when choosing it, analyze the general features of the main types.


It’s worth starting with the most elementary and common type – a walking collar. Based on the name, we can conclude that this kind of accessory is intended for daily walks with a pet and is an integral part of a dog’s arsenal. Choose the best dog collar for walking.

So, when choosing this type of collar, several criteria should be considered:

  1. The material of the product can be leather, synthetic and combined.
  2. Branded equipment is usually trimmed with fine leather, synthetics or felt on the inside. This feature is designed to provide added comfort to the dog without damaging the coat. These collars are equipped with a half-ring for attaching the leash carabiner.
  3. The iron crescent should be fixed in the middle of the tape. This moment allows the dog to freely move his head.
  4. For large individuals, you can purchase one of the types of classic walking ammunition – a collar with an additional handle. It is comfortable enough for the owner and comfortable for the pet.
  5. A guard collar is also referred to as a walking collar. It is used for dogs that are continuously on a leash, because it is more durable, and its main feature can be considered a non-standard design.


Straight collars are designed for behaviour correction and training of often large breeds of dogs. A characteristic difference of this model is the presence of thorns on the inner part, which complicate the movements of the pupil in the form of jerks and create discomfort when stretching. At the time of applying such methods of education, you need to follow certain rules and tips that will prevent possible injuries for the dog.

A collar of this kind is used for training large breed adult dogs. The specific feature of the structure when pulling the leash creates discomfort. The assortment is diverse: elastic, metal, plate and other products. The size of the spikes is chosen depending on the coat. For pets with smooth hair, you need to choose a collar with short spikes, and otherwise, accordingly, with long ones. The spikes should be in different directions starting from the middle of the neck. It is important to understand that this type of collar is not suitable for regular use, because the animal can get used to the painful sensations and subsequently not feel them. Coming to this type of training is in the most extreme cases.


Diverse in shape, material and color, graceful exhibition collars are used for pets that perform at all kinds of exhibitions. When using collars for exhibitions, there are many nuances, such as, for example, the combination of the color of the product and the dog’s coat, and others.

A correctly selected exhibition collar should correspond not only to aesthetic parameters, but also to provide comfort to the owner and pet.

As for the aesthetic characteristics:

  • the collar should match the color of the animal’s coat in order to avoid distracting the jury’s attention;
  • this device is selected according to the size of the dog;
  • the show collar must not visually lengthen or shorten the pet’s neck.

Depending on the individual structure of the pet’s neck, a reference point is chosen for a certain type of ammunition. For a dog with a long neck, it is advisable to choose a collar with a narrow front and wide back sections. If your four-legged friend is a dog with a short muzzle, then it must be shown on a harness in order to avoid air blockage.


The choke collar has some similarities to the choke collar and is used for training purposes, but it is, in fact, a softer substitute for its counterpart. It is not intended for daily use, and the recommended times for its use are various dog training. But some sources indicate the possibility of using this type in everyday life.

Another type of collar, the main purpose of which is training. It differs in softer texture and the fact that it can be used in everyday walks. It can be made in the form of a metal chain, as well as leather or synthetic tape. There is no age restriction for use. If the noose is made in the form of a metal chain, it is important that all the links fit snugly together. When talking about metal products of this kind, pay attention to the type of metal. It should be a copper composition – kurogan (the predominance of a dark reddish tint on the collar), and by no means nickel, because it causes allergies in dogs.


Leather collars are always in fashion and look elegant in a special way. But beauty, as we know, always requires sacrifice. When choosing this type of collar, it is worth considering a lot of quality indicators, and some difficulties may arise when caring for such a thing. Here, one should take into account not only the quality of the source material but also the sewing method.

Experienced dog breeders advise buying a leather collar made from a single piece of leather that will be stitched with double stitches and thick thread. This is due to the choice of the highest quality product possible, because buying this accessory is quite an expensive pleasure and, if you already buy such a collar, then for a long time.


The next model of the topic of interest to us is relevant for owners of puppies, hunting dogs, or simply preferring to walk the dog without a leash. A GPS collar with a navigator allows you to abandon the restriction of your pet’s freedom, but at the same time not lose it, thanks to tracking its location through a special remote control.

In the modern world, to simplify life, so many things can not be invented. Now, if you lose your pet, you do not need to write ads and post them everywhere, it is enough to track where your dog is through a special remote control. A transmitter is attached to the collar, which sends a signal about the location of the dog to the control panel.


If you have a busy work schedule, or you are simply very busy, and you can only devote time to walking the dog in the dark, then the luminous collar is intentionally designed for this purpose. It also looks quite interesting and can serve as an interesting decoration.

Comes to work with LEDs that are powered by batteries. It can work in several modes – flickering and even light. It is best to target a luminous, even light collar to avoid irritation to the owner and dog. Waterproof collars of this type, as well as collars with the ability to replace batteries for a longer time of use, should be considered a priority for choosing.


In the morning, or even at night, would you like to sleep and not listen to the barking of a dog? In this case, you should purchase an anti-barking collar, which is the best and simplest way, which allows you to wean the dog from barking for no reason.

The principle of operation of the collar is that it begins to send vibrations, voltage discharges or release a spray to calm the dog when the pet pronounces sounds in the form of barking or howling. For larger dog breeds, it is common to use electrical options, while for smaller breeds, sprays and ultrasonic options are better suited. The device operates on battery or batteries. If you are going to use a similar thing in your dog’s arsenal, you should familiarize yourself in detail with the operating rules in order to avoid harming your dog. The issue of operating time is also important to consider. Some experts believe that 12 hours of operation per day is the optimal figure. Others believe that 8 hours is enough, after which the collar is removed and the animal is allowed to rest. After about six months of such procedures, a significant result will be noticeable. It all depends on the temperament of the dog.

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