Once you have decided that you want a dog, you have to think carefully about the breed you wanted. Do not only look at the appearance of a dog but especially at the character. Each breed has its characteristics and traits. The breed must suit you and your family. If you choose a large dog, you must have space for it. Small lap dogs can also live in an apartment or small house. After all, they need less exercise. Small dogs are often brighter, that is their character. Some large dog breeds are true kids’ friends, other large dog breeds are real guard dogs, these are less suitable if you have (small) children. So there are so many different characteristics of a dog, this varies per breed. So you have to think carefully about what suits you and your family.

Character and care

Small dogs are known for their friendly and bright personality. They often love to play, they have a lot of energy. So retrieving is often a big hobby, you make them very happy with that. Small dogs also love attention and hugging. Large dogs love that, of course, but small dogs are known for this. They are not called lapdogs for anything, they like to lie on your lap so that they can get all the attention. It is very tempting to spoil them, but be careful not to get spoiled, because then they can get the feeling that they are too high in rank and then they can sometimes become less friendly. A dog remains a dog, no matter how big or small he is. But of course, you can always spoil it (in moderation).

Dogs must of course also be well cared for. This sometimes takes a lot of time. If you choose a breed with long hair (for example a Yorkshire terrier) then you have to comb his or her hair every day. You must do this from day one so that your puppy gets used to it right away. Once he or she is used to this, he or she will only like it. Also, a dog needs to be washed occasionally, not all dogs love water, so it is important to do this from the very first. And of course, a dog must also be walked several times a day. A large dog often wants to be able to run nicely, so then it is nice if you have a forest or large field in the neighborhood where he or she can run away for a while. Small dogs often have enough to walk a block in the residential area.

Good breeder

Once you know the breed of dog you want, it’s important to look for a good breeder. This is very important because you have the best chance of a healthy dog ​​and if something is not right, you can always fall back on the breeder. After all, he knows what is right and what is wrong and what you can do. If for whatever reason, a puppy turns out not to be healthy, then a good breeder will take the dog back or pay the costs of the vet (in part) for you. There is often a waiting list with a good breeder. So if you know what breed of dog you want, you have to be patient until you can pick up your dog. A good breeder will not say after 6 or 7 weeks that you can pick up your dog, he looks at this per dog and discusses this with his vet.

Take it home

If you take your puppy home, he or she will have to get used to it. He or she is suddenly alone, without his mother and brothers and sisters. Many dogs howl the first night. If you place a cloth in the nest, the smell of the nest is on that cloth. If you take that cloth home and put it in the basket of your puppy, then that is a familiar scent for your dog. This gives some dogs some rest. It is also important to follow a puppy course. You both learn many things in this way. The rest of your time together will only benefit you from a good puppy course. Have fun together!

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